[areca] was formed in Aalborg in 2001, in the music community centered around  Nordjysk Musikkonservatorium (The Northern Jutland Music Conservatory). The sound was a mixture between american inspired singer/songwriter-pop and rock. [areca] is the name of a nut. It was found by coincidentally scrolling through an English dictionary. The band existed from 2001-2005 and recorded three demos; none of which were officially released. 

When formed, [areca] consisted of Vibeke Falden (singer/songwriter), Rasmus Allin (gui), Dennis Otte Nielsen (gui), Rune Pedersen (bass), Thomas Ahlmark (dr) and Jakob Birkedal (keys). Later on, Rasmus Allin was replaced by Flemming Skovgaard Agerkvist (gui) and Rune Pedersen by Søren Høy (bass).

In 2003, [areca] won the title as ‘Northern Jutland band of the year’. Later in 2003, the band played concerts at Nibe Festival and Skovrock in Aalborg. The band separated in 2005.

A collection of 18 studio and live recorded songs was released September 10th 2021, marking the 20th anniversary for the formation of the band.

Stream ‘[areca] collection 2001-2005’ here: https://lnk.to/areca

In the studio

Live at Skovrock June 2003

Live at Skråen April 2005